Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pokemon Go New Tracking Feature Release Date:

Pokemon Go Sightings feature has been the worst thing that we’ve seen in the past updates since the removed the 3 step feature. Though they’ve been fixing it and came up with a new system that’s been in beta for over a month now should be released here pretty soon.

Let me explain why I believe they will be released within two weeks or a month, Niantic has been releasing common updates once every two weeks and today we’re due for a new update. Last update they included a feature for trainer customization and adding the sightings feature.
Niantic CEO John Hanke has given his word on releasing updates every two weeks as a priority in an interview with IGN
  • either two weeks (5/09/2016) or
  • a month (19/09/2016
NOW Let me advise you these dates are being suggested to you because of this rumor and how long they’ve been working on the feature, and also how valuable the feature is to the games concept which would put this update in front line ahead of everything else.

If we are correct, then you should be enjoying your game a hell of a’lot more, So be sure to like our Pokemon Go fan page to find out exactly when it drops cause i’ll be all over it like dog’s on top of a fresh hotdog hitting the ground on a hot summer day!

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