Thursday, January 19, 2017

An important celebration repeated every year, Chinese New Year will not be complete without its traditional foods. From a big plate of various vegetables to sticky rice, we bring you 5 must-have dishes for CNY.
1. Yee sang
Originating from Malaysia, ‘Prosperity Toss’ or commonly known as ‘Yee Sang’ is a dish mixture of different types of shredded vegetables and raw fish strips such as salmon. Each ingredient has its own meaning, for example, the fish symbolises prosperity, carrots for good luck and pomelo for wealth.
Friends and family will gather around and toss the ingredients upwards with their chopsticks while shouting their wishes for the year.
2. Broccoli with sea cucumber
Sea cucumber is a delicacy enjoyed by the Chinese for centuries. They also believe that it has a lot of health benefits. It is considered auspicious to have this during Chinese New Year. A tricky dish to prepare for a first-timer as sea cucumber will dissolve in water if it is boiled too long.
3. Pun choi
A dish originated from China, ‘Pun Choi’ is also known as ‘Basin Vegetables’ or ‘Big Bowl Feast’. This unique dish consists of ingredients arranged in layers such as pork, abalone, scallops and prawn to name a few. Similar to ‘Yee Sang’, each ingredient also has its own meaning, for instance the abalone symbolises good fortune and scallops for new hope and luck.

4. Longevity noodles
This special noodles are served not only during Chinese New Year but also on birthdays. Eating this symbolises a long and happy life. Typically uncut and made longer than normal noodles, it is served either fried or served in a bowl of broth.

5. Nian gao
The meaning of ‘Nian Gao’ in Chinese sounds like ‘getting better year after year’. It could mean rise in business or better grades every year. Usually eaten on its own or cooked with yam, this sticky rice cake can be found in every Chinese home during the festive celebration.

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