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Unifi is Give Thanks Your Surprise!

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FAQ Thank You Surprise Free Speed Upgrade


1.When will customers start enjoying the Free Speed Upgrade?
-Customers will start enjoying the upgrade in stages. Customers may check the information from the website.
2.Can customers request to expedite the Speed Upgrade slot?
-The arrangement of speed upgrade is based on the network and system readiness. Therefore, we are not able to entertain such request.
3.What should a customer do to ensure smooth upgrading?
-Customers are advised to pay outstanding bills and complete any other requests for example relocation and change of service owner to ensure smooth process of the Speed Upgrade.
4.Will customers receive any notification on the upgrading?
-Customers will be notified via SMS prior to and after the Speed Upgrade.
SMS prior to upgrading: 
RM0.00 TM: Good news! You’ll be upgraded to higher speed! Pls ensure you have no outstanding bills & pending orders. We will notify you upon upgrade completion.
SMS after upgrading : 
RM0.00 Msg frm TM: Your new UniFi package has been activated. Please turn off modem power, wait 10 minutes, then turn back on to allow synchronization to the server. TQ
5.Can customers choose not to upgrade their package?
-Yes, customers can continue with their current speed and pay the same price. There will be no price reduction or discount given.
6.Is there any additional costs if a new CPE is required?
-The migration will be seamless, thus customers’ current CPE should be able to support the upgrade. However, there may be cases where TM will need to send installers to change customer’s current CPE.
-Only customers upgrading to UniFi PRO PLAN (100Mbps) will need to change their CPE.
-All standard installation and CPE (if required) will be provided for FREE as part of the upgrade.
-Non-standard installation will be charged as per current practice as stated in TM website.
-For customers who have lost their HyppTV setup box, they may request for a new unit with an additional cost, which will be charged to their UniFi bill. Alternatively, customers can choose for 1-year contract renewal.
7.Will the customer’s service contract be renewed? How about CPE warranty extension?
-No, the customer’s service contract will not be renewed following the upgrading exercise.
-No contract to be refreshed, therefore, CPE warranty will not be extended following the upgrading exercise.
8.Will UniFi VIP customers continue to enjoy free unlimited calls?
-Yes, customers will be given a Voice Plan and thus they will continue to enjoy free unlimited calls to TM Fixed line.
9.What should customers do after the upgrading has been completed?
-Customers need to restart their modem in order to enjoy the new speed.
10.Does the speed upgrade still available for customers who requested for relocation?
-Yes, customers will still enjoy Free Speed upgrade at the new premise, subject to technical and network availability.
-In the case that the upgrade is not possible at the new premise, customers will remain with the original UniFi plan.
-The price will also remain the same without any discount.
11.Does the speed upgrade still available for customers who requested for change of owner?
-Yes, the new owner will enjoy the free speed upgrade if the previous owner have not yet received the Free Speed Upgrade.
12.After the upgrade, what will happen to the customer’s other services (ie TM homeline, HyppTV pack etc?)
-Other services remain unchanged. No contract renewal for the other services.
13.Can customers request for rebate if there is delay in the upgrading?
-No, there will be no rebate given to customer.
14.Will the customers’ credit limit change following the upgrading?
-Customers who are involved in the upgrading exercise will be notified via SMS or email on their new credit limit.

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