Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stories about Photographer

Some are hard to find the photographer of the photographer...
- you took a few thousand rm to set a seat to the restaurant. It's gonna be a big banquet for your wedding day. Please take the photographer to make sure you take the best process and memories. From early to night, hard work. Didn't ask if they needed a dinner? But I have already asked, is the price cheaper? Still looking for the cheapest..
- your company will be able to invite dozens of staff. The Decoration is beautiful. Please take the photographer to give them a picture. Hope to bring your customers a good image and get better business. I haven't seen the photographer's work. We have no money, not so expensive. It's cheaper. I'll take you guys next time.
- you could have spent a few months of kind and a few thousand rm to start their own website. But you need beautiful photos. Please take the photographer and take it, and you haven't started to work yet. My door is fast, can't wait. Can I get a little cheaper?
- you opened a shop and a bank with hundreds of thousands of rm, and I might have paid a few thousand rm, to open business. However, the photographer will also be required to advertise your event and other things. I don't know the price of the market, but you don't take that expensive, can you?
The company has just started and has not made a profit, hoping that it can be cheaper. Well, there will be more jobs for you.
- you have to help the family or the children to celebrate the holidays. Booking hotel or cafe, at least a few thousand fast rm flowers. Find the photographer, ask... you can take a picture of me and don't get me so fat? Or ask you a little cheaper, I will help you to advertise, introduce to friends.. Facebook tag you!!
In fact, most of the photographer fees and charges are in a few hundred and nearly a thousand fast rm. They have to do a couple of hours or all day. After work done, back home still going to work overtime to make plans to late night, some of them have to be able to complete. There are some bodies that are not good enough to get back. I haven't earned your money yet. If you're the photographer, I'll invite you.... you want?
Lol.. Nothing but just want to share it with everyone. Every line has its contribution, hard work and its own profession. It's not natural.
I hope that we will have to respect each other, and the photographer will have to eat and feed the children. It's not goyang kaki at home with a few hundred thousand can slow down. Ha-ha..


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