Monday, May 22, 2017

Apple Posts a Series of Videos to Encourage People to Switch to iPhone

Using a phone that is not an iPhone? Apple wants you to switch. The Cupertino company recently revamped its “Switch from Android to iPhone” website, and is promoting it with several new videos telling why you should do so.
There are a total of five videos. Each of them are about 15 seconds long, focusing on different reasons to switch to an iPhone like the speed, music, privacy, and more.
It’s website provides even more reasons to switch to an iPhone. While Apple did not reply its own question about whether the camera is as good as they say, they boast that “more pictures are taken on iPhone than any other camera in the world”. Apple also claims that they use second-to-none technology for you to shoot amazing photos, so I guess that’s a “yes” in Apple’s perspective. Apple also says that the iPhone is fast, easy to use, has a great Messages app that is simple and powerful, and that they care about the environment.
This is not a new service from Apple. The company introduced a Move to iOS app back in 2015 that helps Android users easily move their data from an Android device to an iPhone. Needless to say, it has been receiving bad reviews, and to date, the app has an average rating of only 2.8/5.

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