Friday, June 2, 2017

Google Is Building A Version Of Chrome That Blocks Ads

Google is preparing to release a new version of Chrome that blocks ads – in 2018. The company believes that online advertisements can do better, and has since joined the  Coalition for Better Ads.

As such, Google is preparing to comply with the guidelines set out by the group. It’s providing advertisers with new tools to reach out to visitors, and has produced a new best practices guide to help people figure out how to display non-intrusive ads.
The company is also applying the same standards to its own ad network. And the upcoming ad-blocking Chrome is being designed to block Google’s own ads if they fail to comply with the guidelines. It’ll also block annoying pop-up windows and auto-play videos.
Websites that run on ad revenue have been hit hard by the use of ad-blockers. It is hoped that introducing guidelines for the display of ads will improve conditions to the point that internet goers will be willing to abandon their blockers; or at least white-list websites that behave themselves.
Still, it’s a long way off from 2018. And it’ll take Google a while to sort out how to get Chrome working as it wants.

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