Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Prototype Of The First Generation Apple iPhone Is Being Sold On eBay

First generation Apple iPhones are pretty much a dime a dozen in the online auction block, but a prototype of Apple’s first mobile device is far harder to come by. One model recently went up for bid on eBayAccording to 9to5Mac, the seller of the purported iPhone prototype claims that the device is a working unit that was “handmade in Cupertino, California” back in 2006. The back of the phone does provide a rundown of its radio signal bands, as well as the version of the phone. On top of that, the phone also runs “multiple testing software” that includes the first generation of Apple’s iOS.

The current bid for the prototype is now sitting at US$31100 (~RM128000), and still climbing. On a side note, the owner of the phone said that this isn’t even the highest price that the prototype has garnered. When he first posted the phone up for bid in 2015, it fetched a final bid of US$61100 (~RM252000). Unfortunately for him, the sale never went through.

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