Sunday, September 16, 2018

About the lady that sue mcdonalds

Im sure most of u have heard about the lady that sue mcdonalds for didnt warn her about the hot coffee. And bcoz of that mcdonalds now place warning lables on their cups. 

And so we made to believe that US is a land u can sue even for stupidest thing . 

Well I just got to know the real story behind it. Apparently that lady is a 70year old who accidently spilled her mcdonalds coffee on her lap and it actually caused a 3rd degree burn. Imagine a 70 year old with that kind of injury. 

The case was not about mcd didnt place warning sign, it was about the coffee was too hot. The coffee was heated at 170° and straight served to the customer at that time. After that case they lowered it to 100°. 

And to cover mcd water face, they employed a group of lawyers/marketers to spread fake facts about the case. To make people think its just about a lady who wants money and sue mcd for a trivial thing. And that fake story still holds even now.

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