Saturday, September 22, 2018

iPhone XS Teardown Reveals L-Shaped Battery

Now that the first batch of Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max been released in select markets throughout the world, you can expect to hear plenty of things regarding these devices now that they have arrived into consumers hands. The awesome folks at iFixit have managed to obtain them as well and diligently pop up the devices to show the world what made these new phones tick.

As it turns out, Apple has equipped iPhone XS with an L-shaped battery. This approach is far different from the dual battery implementation on last year’s iPhone X which is something that the company has carried forward to iPhone XS Max.

At the same time, iFixit’s teardown also confirmed the previous report that the battery capacity of the iPhone XS is smaller than iPhone X. Specifically, iPhone XS’ battery is rated at 10.13 Wh/2659 mAh as opposed to iPhone X’s 10.35 Wh/2716 mAh which is not exactly that far off from each other.
To take a further look at the internals of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, check out the excellent teardown by iFixit team right here.

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