Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Jakarta airport train service, very nice!

My experience of using airport railway service (Raillink / KA Bandara) from Soekarno Hatta airport to Jakarta city centre (Sudirman Baru station)

After I arrived at Terminal 2 of the airport, I need to take the Skytrain within the airport to Airport Railway Station

This is the Airport Railway Station, ticket to the city at 70,000 rupiah. To get the ticket, go to the vending machine.

Going to the platform

The train is 6-car EMU, made in Indonesia by INKA, with essential components from Bombardier. 

Travel time is 46 minutes, top speed about 70 km/h. Seat is very comfortable, it can be reclined with a push of the button and comfort level, as good as intercity trains. Ride was generally smooth and quiet.


Arrival at Sudirman Baru station (also known as BNI City). This station is only for the airport railway, the regular commuter train stops at nearby Sudirman station instead.


- While Jakarta is known for traffic congestion (kemacetan), the airport railway service although more expensive than bus, it offers an alternative travel option between airport and the city which is consistent in timing, uninterrupted by traffic congestion on the road

- Train is very comfortable and smooth ride is guaranteed

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