Friday, September 28, 2018

Sony To Release 12 E-Mount Lenses In The Near Future

As it stands, the Sony E-Mount lens family has 48 lenses as of today. Sony’s addition of 12 new models will expand the range to 60 lenses, with a wide range of focal length. Unfortunately, Sony did not share any details of the 12 lenses although according to the presentation made at the event, the lenses should be coming out within the next two years.

Sony will also be updating its eye-tracking features to work with animals. The EyeAF system will soon lock onto the eyes of animals, so the subject can be focus even from long distances.
This would be beneficial for wildlife photographers with Sony gears. The updated EyeAF may be released as a firmware update for selected cameras, and Sony says it is due sometime in 2019.

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