Wednesday, September 5, 2018

TM Is Now Offering 100Mbps Speeds For RM129 A Month To New Users

TM has announced that unifi subscribers will be getting Turbo upgrades starting 15 August, increasing their plan speeds by up to 10 times. Some of you may have even already gotten the upgrade, but if you’re unsure, you can check if you already have using these steps. If you’re not yet a subscriber to unifi, then there’s a plan for you to take advantage of this.

As seen on TM’s website which was updated this morning, it’s called the unifi Pro Plan, and it has all the bells and whistles that the unifi plans have. Besides the 100Mbps download speeds, you get 50Mbps uploads, 600 minutes of talk time to all mobile and fixed lines, and the customary unifi TV pack and unifi playTV access. The other item on display is unifi Basic, on which you can read all about in our previous report.

It’s also odd that there are only these two packages on display, compared to four from before. As such, there’s no immediate indication of where new subscribers can get plans equal to the older deals plus their respective Turbo upgrades.

The highlight here is obviously the RM129 monthly fee for 100Mbps. Essentially the same Pro Plan from before, this new pricing is a lot more affordable than the RM329 it previously costed, and will be one that is in line with other unifi plans once they get the Turbo upgrade.
That said, it does seem like new users will be getting high speed internet before many existing users. This is because, as per TM’s statement, the Turbo speed upgrades will come in phases to existing users, and only a few have since gotten their download speeds bumped up to 10x their subscribed speed. No doubt such users will not be pleased, to say the least.

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