Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Users Can Soon Transform Hand-Drawn Table Into Actual Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet In One Click

The 2018 edition of Microsoft Ignite, the company’s annual conference for developers and IT professionals kicked off today with plenty of announcements regarding its various products and services. Most of them are meant for enterprises though but nevertheless, there are several of them that related to products that non-enterprise users might be familiar with such as Microsoft Excel.

Soon, the company will be rolling out a new and rather nifty feature called Insert Data from Picture to its long-running spreadsheet software. As per its name, it allows users to transform tables that they draw on a paper or those that are printed inside a book into Excel spreadsheet.

Said to be powered by artificial intelligence, this is not just pasting an image into an Excel file though. Instead, those materials will be converted into an actual editable table and can be done in just a single click according to the company.
To be made available for the Android version of the software, the actual rollout date for the feature is not known at the moment. Nevertheless, Microsoft stated that it will be first released as a preview to users that signed up for the Office 365 Insiders Program.

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