Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Adobe Photoshop CC App Heading To The Apple iPad

At the Adobe MAX 2018 event in Los Angeles, Adobe has announced that it is releasing a full featured Photoshop CC app for the iPad next year. Sharing much of the underlying code with the desktop version, the mobile version offers full layer support with stylus/finger control optimization for the users.

With the Creative Cloud, users can start a project on Photoshop CC on the iPad and continue it on the desktop – and vice versa. This is made possible thanks to a new file format called Cloud PSD. Quoting Adobe:
…when we ship Photoshop on the iPad, [Cloud PSDs] will also run and automatically show up on your desktop…Suddenly, you’ll have this cloud-powered roundtrip experience akin to a Google Docs experience, where literally the source of truth of your Photoshop creation is in the cloud.
Adobe is promising desktop-level quality when using Photoshop CC for the iPad. This includes lag-less panning, full image editing controls and context-aware tools – just like the desktop version.
The new Photoshop CC for iPad is expected to launch sometime in 2019. Adobe did not say if it will be bundled as part of the CC suite, but we can expect it to go that way. Users looking to enrol themselves in to the beta program can head on to this link and sign up for early access.


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