Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Digi Broadband Postpaid Plans Now Available With More Data, Up To 100GB

Digi has announced that the Digi Broadband postpaid plans can now be obtained with more data than before. Despite the increase, the prices for these plans remained the same as before.

Specifically, the Broadband 45 now offers a total data pool of 25GB which consisted of 15GB base quota and 10GB for streaming applications. Prior to this, the plan comes with 8GB base data and 7GB data that is meant only for YouTube.

For Broadband 65 plan, its base quota has been increased from 20GB to 30GB while the plan streaming quota has now been set at 20GB instead of 15GB. As for the highest end offering in the group, the Broadband 105 plan now comes with 60GB base quota and 40GB streaming quota as compared to the previous arrangement of 40GB and 35GB respectively.
Digi has also noted that postpaid customers are able to obtain lifetime discounts of up to RM 10 per month if they choose to add Broadband plans alongside their existing subscription. To learn more, just head on to Digi’s official website.

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