Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro Now Official: Featuring Kirin 980, Triple Camera Setup, In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

As promised, Huawei has officially launched its new flagship class smartphone series, the Mate 20 just moments ago in London. Under the new series, consumers are able to choose from several different variants but let’s talk about the first two models in the series: the standard Mate 20 and the Mate 20 Pro.

Both of these devices marked the arrival of Huawei’s new processor, the Kirin 980 into the market. At the same time, they also come with a new matrix camera module which Huawei co-developed with Leica and features three different camera setups.
Despite the similarities, there are still plenty of things that separate them apart. For example, Huawei has adopted curved edges design for the Mate 20 Pro but not on the standard Mate 20 model. Not only that, Huawei has also chosen to implement different types of display for both devices.
The standard Mate 20 is equipped with 6.53-inch Full HD+ RGBW display while the Mate 20 Pro comes with 6.39-inch 2K+ curved OLED display. While their camera module might look the same, the type of cameras that are available on both phones are actually quite different from each other.
The standard Mate 20 variant offers 16MP sensor with f/2.2 17mm ultra wide-angle lens alongside 12MP camera with f/1.8 27mm wide angle lens as well as 8MP sensor that is paired with 2x telephoto lens. On another hand, the Mate 20 Pro’s main camera is a combination of 40MP sensor and f/1.8 27mm wide angle camera while there is also another camera which consisted of a 20MP sensor and f/2.2 16mm ultra wide-angle lens alongside another 8MP camera with 3x telephoto lens.
As you might be able to guess from the different display notches that appeared on these devices, they do carry different kind of selfie camera setup as well. While both standard Mate 20 model and Mate 20 Pro comes with 24MP selfie camera but only Mate 20 Pro is equipped with additional sensor to allow it deliver 3D scanning capability.
There is also the question of fingerprint scanner as the Mate 20 Pro is equipped with in-display fingerprint scanner while the standard Mate 20 model offers a traditional fingerprint scanner on its back. Not to forget, they also come with different battery capacities as well with 4000mAh on the standard Mate 20 and 4200mAh on Mate 20 Pro.
However, only the Mate 20 Pro offers the new 40W SuperCharge and 15W Wireless Quick Charge features as well as Wireless Reverse Charging. The standard Mate 20 has to make do with the older 22.5W SuperCharge tech and no wireless charging.
Price-wise, the standard Huawei Mate 20 variant is listed at EU 799 (about RM 3841) for the 4GB/128GB model and EU 849 (~RM 4082) for 6GB/128GB version. The Mate 20 Pro on another hand comes with only one memory and storage options which is 6GB and 128GB respectively for EU 1049 (~RM 5044). All of them are rolling out into the market throughout the world as we speak.

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