Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Samsung Tweets Teaser For Dual-Screen Foldable Smartphone; Might Be Unveiled In November

The Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) is set to kick in just another couple of weeks. To keep things exciting, the Korean electronics giant released a teaser clip on Twitter last week, hinting at a dual-screen foldable smartphone device.

To be fair, the tweet doesn’t show any footage of an actual or finished product. Rather, it shows a series of animation featuring a line that opens up at a geometrical angle, before fully transforming into becoming a single line with the words “Where Now Meets Next” by its side. The clip then shows off the dates of the SDC; an obvious hint that the brand intends to show off the device during the event.

News and details of Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been something of an illusive – if not mythical – topic. Hints of the company’ endeavour in the field are plentiful since last year, with some rumours even going so far as to providing (rather tasteful) concept renders of the phone. In line with the foldable concept, Samsung has also showed off its flexible OLED display that, as its name suggests, could be twisted and flexed without the fear of it breaking or cracking.
There’s also the concept video that Samsung released years ago back in 2014, but that’s as close as Samsung got to providing a proof of concept at the time.
But it was only a couple of months ago that its President, DJ Koh, actually confirmed that the legitimacy of such a device and its announcement date. So we’ll just have to wait to see what Samsung has in store for us this November.

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