Monday, October 1, 2018

Time Internet Customers Begin To Receive Speed Upgrade of Up To 1Gbps

Since publishing an open letter to TM in order to congratulate its main rival on the announcement of unifi Turbo two months ago, things are rather quiet on Time Internet’s side. However, it seems that the company might have something big to announce soon as some customers have reported that they have begun to receive speed upgrade today.

Based on the reports that were posted under Time Internet section on Lowyat.NET Forums, the speed upgrade that customers received are based on their existing plans. For now, it seems that Time Internet is still rolling out the update in stages but generally, these are the level of speed upgrades that customers have received:
100Mbps plan = 500Mbps.
300Mbps plan = 800Mbps.
500Mbps plan = 1Gbps.
According to Lowyat.NET Forumer alexleow81, user’s existing account status in Time Internet self-care have been removed. Another Lowyat.NET Forumer fruitie has also pointed out that the account status of her acquittance now showed a generic “Home Broadband” label.
A number of members inside the PC Gaming Community [Malaysia] group on Facebook has also shared the results of the speed upgrade for their Time Internet account as well:
With that, we noticed there might be some discrepancies when it comes to the actual speed that users will receive after their upgrade. We are now reaching out to Time Internet for further clarifications.
Then again, it has been rumored that the company will be making the official announcement in a few days’ time. So, stay tuned.

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