Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Twitter Posts Violating Terms Of Service Will Be Publicly Flagged

Twitter has just announced some changes to its platform that is aimed at making it a cleaner social media space. Now, when a tweet is deemed to violate the social media’s terms of service, it will be pretty obvious as to why it happened.

When a tweet is deemed to be violating rules, a grey box displaying a notice will replace the offending tweet. The notice will also come with a link to Twitter Rules, plus an article on the ways the rules are enforced.

Rule violators will have to delete the offending tweet before they can tweet again. That said, the notice of violation will remain for 14 days after the tweet has been deleted, on both the offending tweet in question as well as the user’s profile.

Those who made reports of “offending” tweets will also be unable to see the tweets that they reported either. In place of the reported tweet, a different grey box will appear, reminding you that it’s a tweet that you’ve reported.

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