Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Flickr Will Limit Free Users To Just 1000 Images Per Account

Flickr will be limiting free users to only 1,000 images and videos from 8 January 2019 onwards. This is a blow as the image host previously offered up to 1TB of storage to every free account user.

After its purchase by SmugMug earlier this year, Flickr has taken steps to save the sinking ship, which what led to its decision. The company figured out that 1000 is the sweet spot for free account users as Pro accounts tend to go beyond 1000 images while free accounts were found to be just under the magic number.

Flickr is promoting its Pro accounts to users looking to store more than 1000 images (obviously) in their account, at a subscription fee of US$5.99 (~RM25) a month. New Pro-only features include 5K native display resolution for images, 10-minute video limit (up from 3-minutes previously), a new Premier Customer Service with a dedicated support team and new “OG Pro” badges to recognise long-time members.
Free users have until 5 February 2019 to reduce their image catalogue to 1000 images and movies on Flickr. After that date, the company will indiscriminately delete images following an “older-to-new” system in each account. Until the 1000 image count is achieved. At the same time, Flickr will also be phasing-out Yahoo-based login come January.

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