Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Google Chrome Update 71 Will Start Blocking Consistently Deceptive Popup Ads

Google Chrome’s Update 71 is coming next month, and it comes with a feature that will be very welcome indeed. The feature in question is an ad blocker that essentially blocks all ads on websites that use suspicious popup ads.

The small catch here is that Google won’t be putting the roadblocks on right away. Once Google has identified a problematic site that’s rife with these kinds of ads, the aforementioned  site will have 30 days to get rid of them.

You do have the option to turn this off, but this is one of the few times when you’d ask “why would I want to do that?”
Popup ads are the bane of the internet, as its creator has attested to. And many of them are not what they seem – clicking on the “close” button opens up another popup, or leads you to a phishing site. That said, this implementation also mean that sites that run both shady and clean ads will have everything blocked.

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