Sunday, November 11, 2018

Samsung W2019 Is A Premium Snapdragon 845 Flip Phone That Costs More Than Galaxy Note 9

Samsung might not offer such device in Malaysia at the moment but in some markets such as China, consumers still able to obtain flip phones from the company. While some might consider the form factor as too “old school”, the hardware that Samsung has fitted into its latest flip phone for the Chinese market, the W2019, are quite up to date.

In fact, the W2019 is a flagship-class device that is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor alongside 6GB of RAM. It also features two 4.2-inch Full HD Super AMOLED displays and up to 256GB of internal storage.
Camera-wise, the W2019 is equipped with a dual rear camera setup that is similar to Galaxy Note 9. That means you are looking at a 12MP camera with variable f/1.5 – f/2.4 lens alongside another 12MP camera that comes with 2x optical zoom.
Once again, the W2019 also carries an 8MP front camera just like the Galaxy Note 9 but with a smaller aperture at f/2.0 instead of latter’s f/1.7. Completing the phone’s general specifications is a 3070mAh battery.
According to the pre-order listing on JD, the 128GB version of the phone is priced at CNY 18,999which roughly equivalent to RM 11,420. A flip phone that costs more than three Galaxy Note 9 combined…who would have thought, right?

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