Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A very insightful video about HK's problem and its past.

This Caucasian's opinion on China for HK

1. It needs to break the original situation of hk in order to bring hk forward. 
Do you think HKer want China to intervene? To do that China central government will have to intervene and determine what policies shall have and how the SAR government shall govern the SAR, which ironically will break the promise of 1 country 2 systems. 

2. HKer should press the Chinese government for more rapid integration in China's own plan 
China did try to integrate China's own plan with HK slightly but not to the extend of breaking the promise, this I can see through the proposal of introducing Mandarin language classes into the education system of HK, what happened after that? HKer protested and refused to associate anything that related to China at all. 

Like this Caucasion mentioned, HKer are truly too self centered and arrogant yet ignorance at the same time. They refused to acknowledge they are Chinese, refuse to integrate with the Chinese, refused to even learn about China. 

And now, they are blaming everything on China for their current issues when all the issues were from HKer themselves in the past. 

I dunno why they hated the Chinese central government and China so much when China basically kept their promise of 1 country 2 systems with minimal interference. 

Yet, they got the guts to wave the colonial flag while protest against own country , didn't they study the British era in their history classes? Even the young didn't study, the older generation shall know better about life during the British Administration in HK yet there's this grandma kept waiving union jack doh.gif Why wave the colonial flag when dunno the real fact and history? 

I think previous generation of HKer failed so badly that they not only ruined HK for their younger generation, they themselves even failed to educate the fact about British to the younger generation. 

I have never see a whole community that are so lost and got no dignity at all. 

From what i can see, China will let HK rot itself, so 10 years later these protesters will regret , because economy ruined and still stuck in HK and got nowhere to go. Will have to wait till 2047 when Chinese Central government take over HK then slowly rebuild HK back. 

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