Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Man Built His Own Nintendo Switch From Scratch For Just US$199

The Nintendo Switch is currently experiencing a shortage around the world and whatever units that are available are being sold online by unscrupulous price gougers at a price far greater than the console’s actual value. One man clearly wasn’t having any of it and decided that he would build one from scratch.

Brennen Johnston, a DIY enthusiast based in the US, set out on his ambitious project to make a Switch console for his friends. And also because he wouldn’t stop gushing about the new Animal Crossing New Horizons title that launched for the console.
Sadly, the average cost of a Switch in the US at current hovers between US$300 and US$400 (between RM1311 and RM1748), which is quite steep. Although, in the country’s defence, Malaysians had to pay upwards of RM2000 for the console at launch.
In effect, Johnston began scouring the internet for all the essential parts through online retailers such as Craigslist and eBay. Clearly, it worked out for him, as he had managed to purchase the 22 components necessary. Yes, that also includes a fully functioning Nintendo Switch logic board. All in all, the process of building a Switch from scratch took Johnston approximately one month, but more importantly, it all costed him US$199 (~RM869).
As a gesture of goodwill, Johnston also posted instructions and the list of parts needed on his Imgur page for those who fancy themselves a DIY master or just won’t pay those absurd asking prices for the console.

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