Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Google Meet Integration Rolling Out To GMail; Allows For 16 Person Video Calls

Google will be implementing its Meet video conferencing feature to Gmail in the following weeks. According to a report by Reuters, the new feature will also allow up to 16 video call participants to be displayed in one frame.

The demand for video conferencing has seen substantial growth due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires individuals around the world to work remotely from home and also to maintain social distancing. That said, video calling platforms such as Zoom and Skype have seen a rise in user traffic, and it’s only plausible for Google to up their game in the heat of the competition.

The integration of Meet in their G Suite and GMail platforms enables users to start and join meetings right from inbox, thus making it even easier to stay connected. Google aims to help its users to seamlessly switch between email and video meetings depending on whichever form of communication needed.

With user security and privacy being its priority, a secure and unique Meet URL will be generated in a pop-up window whenever a new meeting is hosted. On top of sharing the URL to participants, the host is also required to set up a meeting code which will only allow invited individuals to the video call. Meetings can be given a nickname to quickly get participants into an ad hoc meeting, and hosts will also have the ability to invite additional people during a call if required.
Furthermore, Reuters added that Google is continuing to improve video quality in Meet for dim lighting conditions, as well as providing enhancements to filter out background noise. Its reported that these improvements will be implemented to the platform later this month.
Google states that the Meet integration is currently being rolled out beginning from 16 April for Rapid Release domains, and 30 April onwards for Scheduled Release domains. This feature is only available in the web version of Gmail, with a mobile release coming soon.

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