Tuesday, April 21, 2020

HONOR MagicBook: A Potent Combination of Performance, All Day Battery Life, and Attractive Price

HONOR is a very well-known name in our market, thanks to its long list of quality phones that the brand has released in Malaysia over the past few years. In 2020, HONOR will be expanding its product portfolio in our market through the upcoming release of its first ever laptop for Malaysia, the HONOR MagicBook.
Now, you might be wondering: why is a smartphone brand making a laptop? Truth to be told, this is just one part of the HONOR’s effort in providing an all-around intelligent and connected experience for consumers through what the brand called as the Intelligent Lifestyle IoT Strategy.
It is actually a reference to the brand’s 1+8+N integrated ecosystem that covers one smartphone, eight types of connected products, and infinite number of third-party devices. For HONOR MagicBook, it represents the PC category which is one of eight product types that were defined in the strategy.
Now that we already know the main reason behind the genesis of the new HONOR MagicBook, it is time to learn what the newest light and slim laptop in our market has to offer to the consumers in Malaysia.


Being in a hyper-connected world, there are times when we might be outside the boundary of our office and home. During such situation, this would rule out access to power socket but with the HONOR MagicBook, you don’t have to worry though.
Equipped with a 57.4WHr battery, the HONOR MagicBook is said to able to last up to 10 hours of continuous usages. Specifically, it can churn through productivity tasks for 10 hours as well as 9.5 hours when it comes to locally stored full HD video playback or 9.4 hours of web browsing.
We’ve tested* that claim by letting the HONOR MagicBook continuously stream contents at Full HD from Netflix. Streaming via Wi-Fi utilizes additional power compared to local playback but nevertheless, the HONOR MagicBook that we tested last for 9 hours 25 minutes which is just few minutes shorter than the figures provided by HONOR.
*Battery test settings: power profile is set to Best Battery Life with Battery Saver turned off. // Connected to Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz // Brightness level: 50%. // Audio via headphone output, volume set at 30%.


But what if your task is taking quite long to the extent that your HONOR MagicBook runs out of juice? Fret not, it doesn’t require that long to fill up the battery on HONOR MagicBook once again.
According to the company, HONOR MagicBook requires 30 minutes to gain back around 40% of its capacity. This is made possible by the laptop’s ability to support fast charger with power ratings of up to 65W.
By the way, as you might have guessed it, the HONOR MagicBook does come standard with a 65W charger. Since it is also a USB Type-C charger, you can also use it to charge your smartphone which means that you don’t have to carry two different chargers in your bag.


Speaking about being on the go, not matter you need to do whether doing a presentation in a meeting, working on that proposal inside your Grab ride on the way to your appointment or simply watching movies at a cafe while waiting for your friend, the new HONOR MagicBook will not weight you down.
This is thanks to its lightweight nature as the HONOR MagicBook weights at only 1.45 kg. Not only that, the laptop also has a thickness of around 15.8 mm which made it easy to be carried around and of course, the premium design on HONOR MagicBook is being enhanced further by the laptop’s all-metal chassis and polished finish


Now, let’s talk about performance. Since the HONOR MagicBook is not designed just for a singular role, it needed a brain that can cover three main use cases of a PC: productivity, gaming, and entertainment.
That comes in the form of the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor which also carries the AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 graphics.  At the same time, the HONOR MagicBook is also equipped with 8GB DDR4 dual-channel memory and a fast PCIe-based solid state drive with a whopping 512GB storage space.
For those who are wondering, the hardware within the HONOR MagicBook should provide enough firepower for HD-level gaming on popular e-sports titles. One such example is Dota 2 which we managed to obtain average framerate of above 30 fps on Full HD resolution during our test**.

Other than that, we’ve also put the HONOR MagicBook through the built-in benchmark inside a shooter game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege at similar resolution. The game is more graphically demanding than Dota 2 but the HONOR MagicBook still managed to put out playable framerate.
We have also achieved similar result with Rocket League*** which is an interesting e-sports title that merges vehicular action and football. All in all, HONOR MagicBook can certainly functions as a capable companion regardless for work or play.
**Dota 2 test match: The International 2019 Grand Final – OG vs Team Liquid: Game 1, time stamp: 15:00 – 20:00. // Benchmark software: FRAPS.
***Rocket League test settings: Local Exhibition Match, 5v5, Pro Bot Difficulty, 5 minutes, Soccar, Tokyo Underpass // Anti-Aliasing is set to FXAA Low in all tests. // Benchmark software: FRAPS.
#All game tests were done on Best Performance power profile.


HONOR also didn’t forget the importance of security which is why the HONOR MagicBook is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that fully supports Windows Hello technology. Integrated directly into its power button, it takes less than a second to unlock the HONOR MagicBook via its fingerprint reader.
Being an HONOR product, it is rather natural for HONOR MagicBook to support HONOR Magic-Link 2.0 which allows easy cross-collaboration between the laptop and HONOR smartphones.
This feature supports drag-and-drop file sharing and even allow users to control their HONOR smartphones directly from the HONOR MagicBook – all with just a simple tap to initiate the cross-collaboration.
All the features we mentioned above – all-day battery, lightweight and sleek design, fast USB-C charging, all-around performance, security and convenience – are just a small glimpse of what the new HONOR MagicBook has to offer to all mobile warriors out there.
More importantly though, the new HONOR MagicBook also comes with a rather attractive price tag of RM 2,299. To sweeten the deal, HONOR is also providing freebies to go with its first ever laptop in Malaysia.
If you purchase the new HONOR MagicBook from senQ and Senheng, you will receive an HONOR Band 5 Sport for free. If you prefer to get it from Shopee or HONOR Malaysia’s official website you will then be entitled for a free HONOR Band 5i starting from 9 and 15 April respectively.
Regardless of your online store choice, there is also additional freebies in the form of an HONOR Bluetooth Wireless Mouse and HONOR Backpack. Don’t wait too long though as the first batch of HONOR MagicBook apparently sold out in just 2 minutes at HONOR Malaysia’s website and Shopee while senQ and Senheng first stock was gone in 15 minutes.
To learn more, you can have a closer look at the HONOR MagicBook by visiting hihonor.com/my or check it out directly at the nearest HONOR Store once the Movement Control Order is over.

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