Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Samsung Lifestyle TV Packaging Can Be Recycled Into Useful Household Items

Samsung Electronics is introducing eco-friendly packaging across its Lifestyle TV products in an effort to reduce the environmental footprint. As you may recall, the aforementioned TV line-up includes The Serif, The Frame and The Sero, which are recently made available in Malaysia.
Unless you’re planning to keep your boxes – especially for TVs over 40-inches – for the purpose of moving, it’s highly likely that they’ll end up in the trash. In a move to curb such wastage, Samsung is working to apply methods that will easily allow its customers to recycle and also upcycle its cardboard TV boxes for creative reuse.
According to the company, a dot matrix design is applied on each side of the eco-friendly corrugated boxes, which allows customers to cut the boxes more easily and assemble them into something useful. Among the concepts proposed by the Korean tech giant includes a book bin, a small shelf, or even a cat house. Yes, a cat house.
Samsung adds that a manual will be included in the Lifestyle TV packaging to guide customers on how to make these cardboard household items. Alternatively, they could also access a digital version of the manual via scanning the QR code printed on the box.
While the idea is indeed noble and their intentions are probably pure, cardboard is still one of the least durable materials to use if you’re planning to build a mini shelf for your Blu-ray player and the likes. Magazine or book holders? Sure. Cat house? Okay, it’s cute but it will probably last about less than two week. Trust me, I have cats.

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