Tuesday, April 21, 2020

You Can Now Buy Fish From The National Fishermen’s Association

While you’re still allowed to head to the market during the Movement Control Order (MCO), you can actually get a lot of groceries delivered to you by buying them online. If you’re looking for fish, then another option is now available, from the National Fishermen’s Association (NEKMAT).

One element that separates NEKMAT’s service compared to other online grocers is its payment method. Rather than paying when you check out, this service takes cash-on-delivery, meaning you only pay when you get your goods.

Raja Khalid Raja Ariffin, Director General of the Malaysian Fisheries Developmen Board (LKIM), announced the service today, according to Bernama. He said the service is an initiative by the collabiration of 44 fishermen’s associations under NEKMAT. In addition, Raja Khalid added that NEKMAT’s initiative aims to reduce congestion in markets.
If you’d like to give the service a try, the online store by the National Fishermen’s Association is linked below. Alternatively, if you prefer the usual e-shopping experience of paying when you check out, NEKMAT has an official store on Shopee too, also linked below.

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