Friday, May 15, 2020

AirAsia Unlimited Pass Now Valid Until 30 June 2021

AirAsia today announced that it has extended the validity of the AirAsia Unlimited Pass until 30 June 2021. Prior to this, the pass can be used until early March 2021.

In case you not familiar with it, the AirAsia Unlimited Pass allows customers to fly on AirAsia X flights multiple times within one year, subjected to flight availability. However, this “unlimited” part of this pass only applies to the base fare and customers still need to pay additional fees for add-ons, airport charges, taxes, regulatory fees, or any other related charges.

Flights to Bali, Singapore, and Jeddah are not eligible for the pass though, as well as fly-thru routes. The AirAsia Unlimited Pass was originally made available for purchase from 29 February to 7 Marcy 2020 with a price tag of RM 499.

This move came right after the airline extended the validity of its Credit Account from 365 days to 730 days for flights that were booked before 17 April and has departure date between 23 March to 30 June 2020.

While these extensions might seem like good news to those who purchased the pass earlier this year, there is still no announcement from the government on whether Malaysians are allowed to travel oversea once again or otherwise. Add this to the fact that it is really hard to get a refund from AirAsia as what we have noted in one of our previous report, there is really nothing much you can really do at the moment if you have purchased this pass.

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