Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Fujifilm Releases Software That Turns X And GFX Cameras Into Webcams

Fujifilm has announced that they have released a software that allows users to use its X and GFX series cameras as webcams for video conference calls. Similarly, the brand’s other Japan-based rival, Canon, had also released their webcam solution software last month.

The software, called Fujifilm X Webcam, is currently only for Windows-based devices for the time being. After downloading and installing the application, the user will simply need to plug in a USB cable from their device to a compatible Fujifilm in order to use it as a webcam.

Typical of Fujifilm, the brand is not shy from letting their users have a bit of fun (or overkill) when it comes to their webcam presentation. Via the software, users can apply a variety of filters such as sepia or monochrome effects. Additionally, they can also further customise their webcam presentation by swapping the camera’s lenses with higher aperture ones for a shallow depth of field background, and so on.

Hey, it’s an option. So why not?

As mentioned earlier, the Fujifilm X Webcam is only available now for Windows and is compatible with the brand’s cameras including the X-H1, X-Pro 2 and 3, X-T 2 to 4, GFX100, GFX50S, and GFX50R.You can download the application via the link below.


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