Monday, May 18, 2020

Maxis Zerolution Offers iPhone SE 2020 From As Low As RM 64 Per Month

Maxis has begun to offer the new 2nd gen iPhone SE to consumers, just as the phone made its retail debut in Malaysia. Available specifically with MaxisONE postpaid plans, only the 128GB variant of the phone is available from the telco through.

Nevertheless, those who are interested to get the new phone through Maxis can choose to do so via two of its ownership programs. The first one being Maxis Zerolution which is a 24-month instalment plan that also has zero upfront payment.

The monthly payment for the phone depends on the specific MaxisONE postpaid plan that customers choose. For example, the iPhone SE costs RM 64 per month with the MaxisONE Plan 188 through Zerolution.

However, do note that this is not inclusive of the monthly fee for the MaxisONE Plan itself which would then involve a total monthly commitment of RM 252. On another hand, there is also the normal MaxisONE device plan with a 24-month contract which allows Maxis consumers to purchase the new iPhone SE at a subsidized price.

Let’s take the MaxisONE Plan 188 as an example once again; customers that chose this plan can obtain for the phone for RM 645 although they do need to come out with an upfront fee of RM 1,599 at the point of purchase. This upfront fee will be refunded to customers over a period of 12 months though.

To see the exact iPhone SE pricing for each MaxisONE plan, do check out Maxis’ official website.

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