Friday, May 1, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Glass Is Breaking For Some Users

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has had a rough year so far, with the phone running into issue after issue. And it looks like it’s about to get rougher, as another one seems to have surfaced. A number of users are reporting that the glass protecting the camera island has begun cracking. And this is despite claims of good care towards the phone.

SamMobile reports that a number of affected users have taken it to the official Samsung forums with the issue since a month ago. This was when the phone was still hot off the oven. Many of these users claim to be using good cases, and have not dropped their phones, and yet cracks still appear. This has led some to believe it is a design flaw.

The severity of the issue on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra seems to vary as well. On the milder side of the spectrum, hairline cracks show up out of nowhere and begin to limit the camera’s ability to zoom. Over time, the crack gets worse, and limits the camera zoom capabilities even further. More serious cases see he glass shatter, leaving a hole as if it was hit by a sharp object.
Getting it fixed is already a problem with the COVID-19 pandemic and global measures taken against it. To make matters worse, the issue seems to be treated as a cosmetic one. Which means affected Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phones aren’t covered under warranty. Samsung has also not said anything about the matter, but we will let you know once anything new pops up.

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