Saturday, May 23, 2020

Samsung Malaysia Adds New Colour Options For Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Malaysia earlier this week has released a new colourway for its current flagship phone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra called Cloud White. The phone was previously available in Cosmic Black and Cosmic Grey since its debut in Malaysia back in March.

The new colour is also made exclusively for Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, akin to how Cloud Pink was made available only for the Galaxy S20. However, the price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra still remains the same at RM 4,999 although, at the moment, Samsung Malaysia is also providing a free Samsung Wireless Charger Pad and 128GB microSD card with each purchase of the phone.

Meanwhile, Samsung Malaysia has also announced that the Galaxy Buds+ can now be obtained in Blue. Previously, the true wireless earbuds have two colour options including white and black.

Similarly, there is no change to the price of Galaxy Buds+ which cost RM 599 since its release in Malaysia two months ago. That being said, you do receive a free Guardians of the Galaxy Buds+ case if you purchase the Galaxy Buds+ through Samsung Malaysia’s website.

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