Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Spotify Now Allows For Unlimited Songs To Be Saved In User Library

Spotify has announced that it will uncap the number of songs that can be saved in a user’s Library. Originally limited to only 10,000 songs, the service now allows users to save as many songs as they like to their heart’s content.

The arrival of this update is a long time coming, as users have been requesting Spotify to remove this limit for years – since 2014, according to the streaming service themselves. Prior to this, users who have reached the 10,000 song limit will be greeted by a snarky message from the service notifying them that their Library is full. The only way to add more to their collection is by removing existing ones in order to make room.

Thankfully, users will no longer be seeing this notification once the update has been rolled out. However, Spotify added there are still limitations for the number of downloads and the number of songs that can be added to Playlists. Specifically, users are still limited to a download cap of 10,000 songs per device for a maximum of 5 devices, and Playlists will still have a song limit of… well… 10,000 songs. Spotify sure loves this number for some reason.

Now before you start adding more stuff to your Spotify library, keep in mind that the update is in the midst of roll-out. Therefore, it’s very likely that the limit cap removal has not been applied just yet. Hopefully these changes will be reflected in the coming days or weeks.

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