Saturday, May 23, 2020

Things to Consider When Choosing Remote Work System For Your Organization

In general, everyone across the globe are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way or another. For us in Malaysia, the government has implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) in order to stop the pandemic in its tracks and this led to immediate rise of Work from Home (WFH) environment.

However, not everyone is ready for it though. For some organizations especially those that relies on traditional file servers, getting remote work environment to function properly and optimally for them could be a monumental challenge.

If you are currently facing this situation, clearly it is time to modernize the IT infrastructure of your organization. But before you start to survey the market for the solution, you might want to take a step back and consider these factors to help guide your way.

Multi-Cloud Approach for Your Business

Multi-cloud solution which usually involved the combined usage of both Windows file server and public cloud drives might be a common choice for many organizations out there. But there could be integration issues which would then lead to scattered files and duplicated data.

As your organization grow, so does its data and that would not bode well if the files are everywhere without any structure. However, a private cloud solution that is built upon Network Attached Storage (NAS) could eliminate those issues as everything can be stored properly in the NAS while the workforce of the organization is still able to access their data remotely.

Total Cost of Ownership and Maintenance

The question of cost for ownership and maintenance is critical to any given organizations.

The answer depends on respective solutions but if you are looking at traditional Windows file server, that means the possibility of facing with a lot of fees including software, hardware, and even client access license. When it comes to public cloud storage, then the issue would be recurring subscription fee which could be a constant burden if chose wrongly.

You might be surprised by this but a NAS could be the cost-effective solution that you are looking for. For example, Synology Drive has no license fee while all its applications and upgrades do not cost you a thing. In fact, TTT Corporation in Vietnam stated that it manages to save more than RM 297,000 in annual cloud subscription fee by using Synology Drive.

Migration and Management

Some organizations are not fond of adopting new equipment into their workspace as they are afraid that migration would take too much of an effort and time especially considering the risk of file or platform incompatibility. This is especially true when they have adopted to their current solution for far too long even though it slows them down.

Whether your company are using Windows AD, Azure AD, or LDAP, Synology NAS has this covered, thanks to its versatility and scalable storage. Not to forget, Synology NAS is also easy to use and affordable in which are all the factors that have led South Africa Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity into adopting Synology NAS to replace its previous Windows file server and Google Drive combo.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

The rise of WFH environment also means the workforce in your organizations relies on so many devices to get their work done. Hence, their remote work solutions need to be able to support them as well and in the case of Synology NAS, that is certainly not a problem at all.

Through this solution, files can be securely retrieved through so many methods across various platforms including mapped network drive, web portal, iOS/Android mobile app, and Linux/Mac/Windows PC sync client all without the hassle of traditional VPN. Your colleagues can even securely share files externally through secure share link feature which can be set with password and expiration date.

Collaborative Factor

Just like technology itself, workforce has evolved so much that real-time remote collaboration is already quite common in place. Hence, a viable IT solution for a modern organization need to have the ability to work seamlessly with collaborative tools that allow employees to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations concurrently in real-time while communicating with each other securely.

Backup & Redundancy

Some might look at it lightly but mark our words: it is important to have good backup capability within one’s IT solution. You would never know when someone within your organization need to recover a particularly important file that have been accidentally deleted. Not to forget, if you consider server downtime as your organization’s sworn enemy, then a high availability cluster for data and services redundancy might be worth your time to think about.

Modernizing IT infrastructure might seem like an arduous task but by choosing the appropriate solution and having the best partner to help transform your organization would ease up the journey. Furthermore, an efficient and solid IT solution that can cover all the factors mentioned above would definitely help you and your organization achieve its full potential.

That is certainly something Synology could help you to deliver. During this Mco or Cmco Synology drive can help your business to a next level.

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