Friday, May 15, 2020

Trump Extends U.S Sanctions On Huawei For Another Year

The President of the United States, Donald Trump today has announced that he is extending the executive order that was originally signed in May 2019 which has barred Huawei from doing business with U.S companies.

Citing national security risk, the same executive order has also prohibited U.S companies from obtaining telecommunications equipment from Huawei. Through the announcement today, it has effectively extended the sanctions against the Chinese tech company until May 2021.

According to the report by Reuters, Huawei is expected to receive yet another extension of the temporary license provided by the U.S Commerce Department that allows U.S companies to continue business with Huawei. The temporary license does have some restrictions though, as it mainly applicable only to products that are not deemed as security risk.

Given what has transpire for the past one year, it seems that Google Mobile Service (GMS) is not going to appear on Huawei devices until 2021. Even though the company has overcome the ban by releasing refreshed devices with older chipsets that can still carry GMS, it might not be something feasible in the long run especially considering that the Android market is quite particular about hardware specs.

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