Saturday, May 23, 2020

Upcoming Update Improves Samsung Galaxy S20 Cameras; Adds Close-Up Zoom To S20 Ultra

Samsung has released another firmware update for its Galaxy S20 series, which primarily brings improvements to the camera system. The update is currently being rolled out in South Korea and was spotted by tech website Tizen Help.

According to the site, the upcoming update improves the camera autofocus performance on all three Samsung S20 devices. The company has been addressing this issue in past patches, but are still receiving complaints from users globally.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will also be getting a new Close-Up Zoom function which will allow users to utilise the camera system to capture subjects at a distance of 10cm or so. Users had reported that the Ultra variant struggles to focus on nearby objects prior to this.

Additionally, the upcoming update will include improvements to the S20 series’ Night Mode feature as well, promising a bump in image quality taken in low-light conditions. The patch notes also listed the inclusion of the May security update, tweaks to the fingerprint reader, and enhancements to the audio speakers.

The roll-out has not reached Malaysia just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted once it does.

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