Saturday, May 23, 2020

Volvo Begins To Impose 180kph Speed Limit On New Cars

For many, the name Volvo goes together with safety. Back in March 2019, the Swedish manufacturer announced that it has planned to impose a speed limit of 180kph (~112mph) on its new cars starting from 2020 onwards although the exact implementation date was not announced at that time.

It was a rather controversial decision, but the Geely-owned Volvo Cars pressed on with the plan. So, the company earlier this week has announced that the 180kph speed limit is now being implemented on every single new Volvo car moving forward.

At the same time, Volvo Cars have also announced the availability of Care Key which was also announced back in March 2019 alongside the 180kph speed limit. The idea behind the Care Key is that it allows Volvo car owners to set additional speed limit when they lend their car to other users such as younger or inexperienced drivers within their family.

Of course, speeding is not the only concern that Volvo is trying to tackle when it comes to safety. There are also distractions and intoxication as well which the company believe can be addressed using in-car cameras and sensors that would trigger the car safety system to intervene if the there is a clear sign that driver is not being responsive which could lead to serious accidents.

There are still no details regarding the implementation of these futuristic safety features will make their way to actual cars. However, knowing Volvo who always have safety in its sights, this could just be a matter of time.

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