Tuesday, November 10, 2020

2) A U-turn Confirmed: You Don’t Have To Scan MySejahtera QR Code At Petrol Pump


Who would have thought that a simple activity such as getting fuel into your vehicle at the petrol station has turned into a massive confusion among the citizens? Well, that exactly what happened yesterday as many were left wondering whether they should scan the MySejahtera QR code at petrol station even though they don’t intend to enter the station’s store.

The confusion was generally caused by contradicting information from PDRM and the National Security Council (MKN) hotline. However, the matter has since been clarified by the Senior Minister for Security Cluster, Ismail Sabri Yaakob during today’s Movement Control Order media briefing.

Minister Ismail pointed out that petrol station visitors don’t have to scan MySejahtera QR code if they don’t intend to enter the station’s store and pay for their fuel by using credit or debit card through the payment machine on the petrol pump.

Similarly, they also don’t have to scan the code if they are making payment at the counter from outside the store. For those who visited the petrol station to fill up air in their vehicle’s tires, there is no need for them to scan MySejahtera QR code as well.

However, petrol station visitors do need to scan MySejahtera codes if they want to use the amenities within the station such as restrooms, surau, ATMs, and others. Of course, those who want to purchase items inside the station’s store have to scan the code or register their details by default.

With that, things now should already be clear enough when it comes to the SOP for petrol station visitors. Nevertheless, Minister Ismail has also pointed out that the in-depth SOP regarding this will be published on MKN’s website very soon.

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