Sunday, November 29, 2020

Beats Flex Wireless Earphones Now Available In Malaysia For RM 219


Even though this particular division of Apple is rather more low-key these days, that doesn’t mean the audio company has nothing new under its sleeves. Around the same time that Apple decided to stop supplying wired EarPods for new iPhones, Beats Flex made their appearance in the market.

Hence, some may see Flex as an attempt to fill the space as an entry-level first-party wireless audio option for Apple users. We recently noticed that the new wireless earphones are now available for purchase through Apple Malaysia’s online store.

In case you not familiar with them, the Flex wireless earphones are powered by the Apple W1 chip which is the same chip inside 1st generation AirPods. Said to have a battery life of up to 12 hours, the Fast Fuel feature allows them to obtain 1.5 hours of playback through just 10 minutes of charging.

The magnetic body on Flex’s earbuds which are connected together via Nitinol-based Flex-Form cable would secure them in place when they are not in use. They also come with Auto-Play/Pause feature which would activate the music playback when they are being put on and vice-versa.

As per our previous report, the Beats Flex are priced at RM 219 on Apple Malaysia’s online store. You may able to find them through local Apple dealers such as MachinesAll IT, and Thunder Match as well, in case you prefer to check the Flex at physical stores.

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