Saturday, November 28, 2020

Convert Your Apple Watch Into A Viewfinder With This iPhone Mount


In this day and age where a phone’s front-facing camera actually delivers decent image quality, rarely would one consider relying on its rear shooter to take a selfie. But if you’re an iPhone user with an Apple Watch and want to go for that approach for whatever reason, then this new dual mount accessory is for you.

The device, known as the Ulanzi (I’m going to give a minute to our fellow Malaysian readers here. Done? Okay.) – ST-09 Phone Tripod Mount, features as a grip for iPhones and includes a rear compartment for placing an Apple Watch. This enables users to utilise the smartphone’s higher quality rear cameras for vlogging use, that is if the primary focus of the video is the creator themselves. With the smartwatch facing the user, it acts as a small viewfinder to ensure that they are within frame when shooting.

The mount itself can be connected to any handheld tripod accessory, and there is also a cold shoe on top for attaching other accessories such as external microphones and so on. There are no buttons or such on the ST-09, as it relies on the remote connectivity between the Apple Watch and iPhone for controlling the camera.

In terms of compatibility, the front grip of the device can accommodate various iPhone models such as the smaller iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The rear compartment, on the other hand, is said to support Apple Series 5 onwards.

Needless to say, the Ulanzi ST-09 Phone Tripod Mount is indeed a unique accessory which might interest some users at least. The mount is available via the official Ulanzi online store and is retailing at US$30 (~RM122). However, it’s worth noting that the accessory is currently being discounted at only US$20 (~RM81) minus shipping.

That said, there are several listings of the ST-09 in Lazada and Shopee, but most of these are inconsistent in terms of pricing. So if you are planning to pick one up from either platform, please do so at your own risk.

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