Monday, November 2, 2020

PS5 Faceplate Seller Cancels All Orders Following Sony Legal Threat

For those who don’t like the two-tone white and black of the PS5, custom faceplates were the way to go. And there was a company doing just that, until recently. Not only have they been forced to change their name, they’ve also been told to not sell faceplates.

UK-based CustomizeMyPlates was previously in the business of making custom PS5 faceplates. It was even previously called PlateStation5. But VGC reports that Sony’s lawyers got in touch a day after its website went live, asking for a change of name.

Sony’s lawyers also said, because the company had pending patents on faceplates, that the company’s IP extended to the faceplates. The end result is the CustomizeMyPlates name change, and the company is now selling skins for the PS5 instead of faceplates.

CustomizeMyPlates was previously working with manufacturers in both the UK and China for the faceplates. The company was previously selling the custom PS5 faceplates for US$39.99 (RM166) or GBP32 (~RM172). It also had plans to ship them out within two weeks of the console’s launch date.

Now, the company has transitioned to selling skins for both the PS5 and the DualSense controller. The former is going for US$25 (~RM104), while the latter has a price of US$10 (~RM42). There looks to be a fair variety of both going on.

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