Friday, November 13, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Will Support S Pen But Won’t Come With A Slot To Keep It

One differentiating factor between the Samsung Galaxy S and Note lines is the S Pen. With next year’s devices, this may change, but with an important catch.

Serial leaker @UniverseIce shared on Twitter that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will have support for the S Pen. This puts the phone more in line with the company’s more recent Galaxy Tab S line of tablets.

But as mentioned, there’s a catch here. And according to Max Jambor, it is that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra itself doesn’t actually come with anywhere to store the S Pen. It’s definitely strange for a phone that supports a stylus but not have anywhere to store it. Jambor speculates that the phone will instead get an accessory to do that.

If this ends up being true, then this will blue the line between the Samsung Galaxy S and Note lines. On one hand, it does sort of kill the distinction between the two series, maybe even making them interchangeable. But on the other, this may be done so as to keep the highlight on foldable phones, which will effectively take the place of the Note series of devices as the premium option.

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