Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Samsung Private Share Lets You Share Files Via Blockchain


When you hear blockchain, the first thought is usually cryptocurrency. But with Samsung’s Private Share, the term may soon be associated with file sharing, the way Bluetooth and email is. And since it’s using blockchain tech, this will allow the transfer of files more securely than before.

Considering its nature, Private Share will have a lot more quirks than your average file sharing software. To start, recipients of files shared using this will be prevented from resharing them. Screenshots of received files will also be prevented. Senders can also set an expirty date to the files, after which they simply disappear from the recipient’s device.

To make use of this, both the sender and recipient will have to use the Private Share app.  The sender will first send a transfer request, which the recipient will then accept. A channel will then be created to initiate the transfer.

For now, there’s no word as to when the Private Share feature will be made available just yet. But there’s a chance that it will be introduced alongside its upcoming flagship device, like many features before. If that is indeed the case, then we’ll have to wait until 14 January, as that’s when the Samsung Galaxy S21 series of devices are expected to launch.

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