Sunday, November 29, 2020

Samsung Teases Possible Tri-Folding And Rollable Smart Devices


Korean tech giant Samsung may have indirectly teased two possible new products via its Samsung Display blog. What makes these interesting is that one device appears to be a smartphone with a tri-folding form factor, while the other is a tablet that exhibits a rollable design.

The tri-folding device is a possible reimagining of the brand’s Galaxy Fold series, where one third of the display would remain as a main screen even when the phone is in its folded form. This eliminates the need of having an external display, as seen on both the Fold and Fold 2 models. And would also provide a seamless experience for the user when using the device in both folded and unfolded modes. It’s also worth noting that a Samsung patent of this tri-folding concept was first discovered by Patently Apple back last month.

The other concept, on the other hand, imagines a tablet-like smart device featuring a cylindrical body that can roll out its display when in use. Amusingly, this rollable design harkens back to message scrolls from olden times. Although the concept is somewhat bizarre to a point, you can’t deny its value in terms of portability. Interestingly enough, a patent of this approach was first discovered in 2017 by Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital, which reveals the same design.

If anything, these indirect teasers are probably nothing more than just concepts that Samsung are mulling over. But at the same time, they could also act as a sign of exciting things to come from the Korean brand.

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