Saturday, November 28, 2020

Someone In Malaysia Sold Access To Their PS5 For Others To Redeem The PS Plus Collection


The PS5 isn’t available in Malaysia just yet. Or at least it shouldn’t be, unless you’re willing to drop unreasonable amounts of money for one. But it looks like some have got their hands on it early, and tried to make some money out of it in a very unconventional way. And they’ve done this by selling access to their consoles to others, so that they can then claim the PS Plus Collection.

For context, the PS Plus Collection is a selection of the best games that are playable on the PS4. The catch is that you’ll need to have a PS5 in order to claim it, in addition to a PS Plus subscription.

And so, in addition to owning a PS5 way ahead of time, some have decided to make some quick bucks by selling access to their PS5. This will allow others access to the PS Plus Collection early, or even without owning the next generation console. And the price of access isn’t exactly cheap either. One such access seller had set their price at RM33.90.

Sony Interactive Entertainment naturally issued bans to everyone involved. According to GamerBraves, the sellers have earned a permanent ban for their hard work. The buyers, on the other hand, have been banned for about two months.

The end result is a pretty obvious one. And the people involved should have seen it coming from a mile away. On a security standpoint, selling access to a console online is dangerous enough as it is. Then there’s the issue of selling what’s supposed to come as a free bonus to those who bought a PS5.

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