Monday, November 2, 2020

Vitamin D defends against coronavirus, Deficiency is widespread

0:20: Introduction - Protective Role of Vitamin D against Coronavirus, Scientific Review & Dose for Immunity by Dr. Renu Mahtani, MD

1:00: Review of coronaviruses, history, news - Vitamin D deficiency causes a person to be more prone to cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.

2:00 - 7:55: Vitamin D - Right blood levels and dose, sad levels of today, what is safe

5:37: Safe protocol for adults... "If you do not supplement today, you will need medicines tomorrow. Target 40-60 ng/ml"

8:30: Immediate Protection with the "Vitamin D Hammer"

10:07: Immediate Protection for Children

11:10: Information about the Coronavirus - What is it, how is someone infected, what are the symptoms and complications

13:05: The Renin-Angiotensin System (RAS) and the roles of Renin, Angiotensin 2, ACE2 and vitamin D in ARDS

Explanation of the cytokine storm, inflammation, and consequences
ACE2 is anti-inflammatory with actions to protect lungs from injury
Coronavirus deactivates ACE2, leading to inflammation and ARDS

19:30: Vitamin D - How it can protect

Reduces production of renin (therefore reducing inflammation in lungs)
Increases the expression of ACE2 (protects the lungs from injury)
Increases production of natural antibiotics and antivirals cathelicidins and defensins (inhibits viral attack to the cells and ACE2 receptors)

26:47: Summary of Vitamin D defense against Coronavirus and recommended intakes

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