Monday, December 21, 2020

Acer Brings Over Another 27-Inch Predator Gaming Monitor To Malaysia; Now with 240Hz Panel

In addition to the new Tiger Lake-based Swift 5 and Swift 3 as well as the rugged Enduro N3 laptop and Enduro T1 tablets, Acer has also launched several new monitors in Malaysia earlier this month. One of them is the Predator XB273U GX gaming monitor which has a 27-inch screen size and Agile-Splendor IPS display panel with 2560 x 1440 (QHD) native resolution.

Some may have noticed that the design and model name of this new Predator gaming monitor is almost identical to another Predator gaming monitor that Acer has launched in our market back in February. While it is true that both have XB273U moniker on their names but there are some significant differences that differentiate them apart.

For example, the older GS variant has 165Hz max refresh rate while the new GX model goes much higher at 240Hz and can be overlocked further to 270Hz. The GS also has DCI-P3 coverage of 90% while the specs sheet for GX stated 99% coverage of AdobeRGB colour gamut.

Not to forget, another attraction to the new GX variant is its USB-C port which supports USB Power Delivery standard of up to 65W. Physically, you can differentiate them apart by the RGB Light Sense strip that is present underneath the screen on the GS model but not on the GX.

Furthermore, there is also a matter of pricing whereby the older GS is currently priced at RM 2299 while the newly launched and faster GX variant goes for much higher at RM 3299. The new Predator XB273U GX is now readily available from all authorised Acer Malaysia’s online retailers as well as physical stores throughout the country.

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