Monday, December 14, 2020

Acer Enduro N3 Rugged Laptop Made Its Debut In Malaysia; Alongside Enduro T1 Tablets

Acer has plenty of products under its wings, from thin and light models till high-performance gaming machines but rugged devices are not something that one would associate with the company. That changed earlier this year with the introduction of Acer Enduro series which has just made its official debut in Malaysia this week.

Launched alongside the new 2020 Swift 5 and Swift 3, one of the Enduro series products that are now available in our market is the Enduro N3 laptop. Despite being designed to withstand the brutal MIL-STD-810G tests as well as IP53 standard, Acer claimed that it is among the thinnest and lightest 14-inch rugged laptop in the market thanks to its sub-2kg weight and thickness of under 25mm.

Acer also stated that the Enduro N3 also features reinforced corners to increase its chances of surviving the harsh elements out there. The company also utilises Corning Gorilla Glass to help protect the laptop’s 14-inch Full HD IPS display while it also comes with a water-repelling thermal fan called Aquafan that works alongside sealed I/O ports and keyboard drainage holes to keep the Enduro N3 dry.

While the 2020 Swift 5 and Swift 3 may come with 11th Gen Intel Core processors, the Enduro N3 is limited to 10th Gen Intel Core chips for the time being though. In terms of battery life, Acer claimed that the Enduro N3 is able to last up to 13 hours.

Another Enduro device that Acer has launched in Malaysia comes in the form of Enduro T1 rugged tablets. Also designed to meet the MIL-STD-810G standard, they have a slightly higher IP rating than the Enduro N3 at IP54.

With the help of its shock-absorbent bumper and reinforced structural design, Acer said that the Enduro T1 tablets are able to withstand a drop from as high as 122cm. Not surprisingly, the company has also chosen Corning Gorilla Glass to help protect the display on Enduro T1 tablets just like what it did for the Enduro T3 laptop.

Interesting enough, the Enduro T1 can be obtained with either Android or Windows 10 operating system. However, for the Malaysian market, the operating system will also affect the laptop’s processor and screen size.

In terms of pricing, the Enduro N3 rugged laptop starts from RM 4699 while the Enduro T1 tablets can be obtained with a starting price of RM 1599. While these Enduro devices are now available for pre-order through Acer Malaysia’s online store, the site only accepts bulk purchases at the moment which is not exactly out of the ordinary since Enduro laptops and tablets are not meant for general consumers.

Nevertheless, Acer did say that customers are more than welcome to discuss with the company first regarding their interest to purchase Enduro products. This can be done by e-mailing or through Acer Product Infoline at 1800-88-1288.

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