Monday, December 21, 2020

Amazon Develops Low-Cost Antenna Capable of 400Mbps Via Satellite Transmission

Amazon recently achieved a milestone with its internet providing endeavour, Project Kuiper. The multinational corporation announced that it had finished its development of a prototype antenna, designed for its low-cost customer terminals.

The current antenna prototype will be capable of reaching transmission speeds of up to 400Mbps, but says that that bandwidth will continually increase over future iterations. From a technical standpoint, the antenna uses a legacy Ka-band phased array, but one that is based on what Amazon says is a new architecture. Capable of delivering the mentioned bandwidth.

At those speeds, Amazon that its tests showed that the single aperture antenna is capable of streaming 4K quality videos via a geostationary satellite that is approximately 50 times father from where its Project Kuiper satellites will be once deployed.

For a bit of background, Project Kuiper is…well, a project started by Amazon, with the goal of bringing affordable internet to people living within unserved and underserved communities. To that end, the company settled on the use of satellite transmission, on account that it would allow them to beam internet connectivity directly into areas where the installation of internet cable would otherwise be impossible.

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